Maria Municchi

Maria Municchi

Maria Municchi joined M&G in 2009. She is responsible for the systems and quant models used to manage convertible portfolios. She is also involved in client communications for the M&G Global Convertibles Fund, the M&G Dynamic Allocation Fund and the M&G Income Allocation Fund. Before joining M&G, Maria worked at Barings and UBS Asset Management. She has an MSc in international management and finance and is a CFA charterholder.

China’s ‘Black Monday’?

You have just returned from a relaxing summer holiday sunbathing in Portugal, or sailing in the Med or maybe a more adventurous one discovering California’s natural beauty. However, markets don’t seem to agree with your current state of mind…and just a glance at WEI Bloomberg screen or recent NAV moves… Read the article

Are geopolitical forces to blame?

The last couple of days have seen equity markets being weaker on the back of very little news.

Some market commentators would argue that “geopolitical forces are causing liquidation and profit taking in the market”. More simply we would refer to this as investors’ behaviour taking the lead in the… Read the article